Adopted Asian Daughter Chapter 3

Chapter 3


She approached him after the last period at school, the Monday after the dance. The story of how he had been Cindy’s date at the dance, and how she had acted toward him, had gotten around, and he had already noticed that some of the guys, and some of the girls too, had been looking at him a little differently. People greeted him in the halls who had never bothered to greet him before. Some of the boys he was friendly with asked him about Cindy–how he had managed to get a date with her, what she was like, how come her attitude toward him had changed so much, and, of course, how far he had gotten with her. To all the questions Chad just shrugged and smiled and said stuff like, “Hey, I’m a bad dude, what can I tell you?” It made him feel terrific.

He wasn’t exactly friendly with Jenna Wang, but she was in several of his classes, and they had worked on a science project together and gotten along okay. He had even thought about asking her out, but never had, although unlike Cindy, she had never put him down or made him feel inferior in any way. She didn’t have Cindy’s radiant beauty, but she was attractive enough, for an Asian girl, with long dark hair, dark eyes and a body that was slender but well-rounded in the right places. She didn’t have a boyfriend, but she had the vague reputation of having been around, of being experienced. That was one of the reasons Chad had thought about asking her out, and also probably one of the reasons why he hadn’t done so.

She caught him at his locker as he was packing up to go home. “Hi, Chad,” she said.

He was surprised. “Hey, hi, Jenna. How you doing?”

“Pretty good. Talk to you a minute?”

“Um…sure. I’m just leaving. You leaving?”

“Yeah.” They walked toward the main door together.

“So I saw you at the dance with Cindy Cohn on Friday,” Jenna said as they left the school.

“Oh, yeah.”

“You two seemed to be getting along great. I mean, hey, she was all over you.”

Chad shrugged, blushing a little.

“I didn’t know you were such a stud, Chad,” Jenna said.

He wasn’t sure what to say. This wasn’t like the guys questioning him, this was different. He wondered if Jenna was jealous. No, probably not. Just curious or something. “Hey, come on,” he said, trying to sound modest. They were at the bottom of the school steps now. “Hey, listen, Chad, could you give me a ride home?” Jenna asked. “Phyllis is out today and I usually ride with her, and I don’t really feel like taking the bus. Can you?”

“Oh, sure,” he said. “Sure, come on, my car’s over here.” They began to walk toward the parking lot.

When they were in the car Jenna said, “Wait, Chad, don’t start yet, okay? I want to talk to you.”

He turned to her, puzzled. “What’s this about, Jenna?”

“It’s about Cindy. I want to know what’s going on with her. I mean, I’ve seen the way she usually acts with you. Just like she acts with most guys–most people, really–mean and nasty, right? And with you maybe even more so, because you’re–well, she thinks you’re a real jerk, right? A white dweeb. At least she did. And now all of a sudden she goes out with you and she acts like she’s crazy about you? Come on. It doesn’t make sense. And I want to know the real story.”

Chad was taken aback. “I don’t–I mean I don’t know what–I mean, she just–”

“She just what? Did she find out you have a real big white dick or something? Is that it? Because I don’t know what else would make an Asian girl like her–Do you, Chad? Do you have a big one? Come on, you can tell me.”

“No! I mean, I–Christ, Jenna! I mean it’s not small or anything, but it’s just a regular–oh shit. What are you–what do you–”

“Show it to me,” Jenna said.

Chad stared at her.

“I mean it. I want to see it. It has to be pretty good to turn Cindy around like that.” She looked at him intently. “Or is it something else?” she asked.

“What do you mean? And hey, why are you so interested in Cindy, for god’s sake? Why do you–” A thought suddenly hit him. Maybe she was jealous, not of Cindy, but of him. “Hey, you–are you hot for her or something? Jenna? Are you–I mean, you like girls or what?”

“No!” Jenna said. “No, I don’t, Chad. That’s not it. And,” she added after a pause, “if you show me that cock of yours I’ll prove it to you.” She paused again. “And if you tell me about you and Cindy.”

Chad’s cock started to get hard.

“But–but why, then?” he said weakly.

Jenna tossed her head impatiently. “Look,” she said. “I heard some things about Cindy once, okay? Some stories. I don’t know how true they are, but when I went to visit my uncle in Ohio last summer, I met somebody who knew her at the last school she went to, before she moved here. He told me–well, it might have been bullshit, I don’t know. But I want to find out. I really want to find out, Chad. So tell me what’s going on here, and you won’t be sorry, okay?”

Chad swallowed. “Jenna, Jesus,” he said. “I can’t–I mean, even if I had anything to tell you, I couldn’t–but there’s nothing …”

“Well, it must be your big white cock then,” Jenna Wang said. “Take it out for me, Chad.”

Chad stared again. “Right here?” he said. “Are you crazy?”

“Most everybody’s gone by now,” Jenna said. “Nobody’s gonna see us here.”

He took a deep breath. “I’m going to take you home,” he said, and he put the key, which he had been holding in his hand, into the ignition.

Jenna reached over to his fly and pulled down his zipper.

“Jesus!” Chad said. But he didn’t stop her.

Her fingers dipped into his fly and quickly pulled out his cock, which was throbbing into complete erectness under her touch. Chad looked around wildly. There was no one in sight, and the parking lot was behind the school building. He could only hope nobody came along.

“You’re right,” Jenna said. “It’s not huge or anything. It’s not bad though.” Her fingers stroked him. He stiffened.

“Jenna, for god’s sake. Listen, I can’t tell you about–I can’t tell you anything. Okay? I’m sorry. I–I promised, okay?”

Jenna shifted on the seat, getting her knees under her and crouching over him, lowering her head so that her mouth was close to his penis. She blew on it softly. He felt her warm breath.

“You can tell me, Chad. I won’t tell anybody. I just have to know. Tell me, Chad.” She breathed on his rod again. Chad moaned.

“For Christ sake, Jenna…I can’t…I promised…please…”

Jenna stuck out her tongue and, using just the tip, very gently and slowly licked the underside of his cock, from base to tip. Chad let out a hoarse groan and his bottom arched off the seat.

“I’ll do anything you want, Chad,” Jenna whispered. “Anything. Just tell me.”

Chad was only human, and he didn’t get a lot of chances like this. He told her.

Jenna listened to every word, her fingers stroking his cock, her mouth still close enough for him to feel her breath. That breath became more and more rapid as his story went on, until when he finished she was actually panting.

“Oh god!” she breathed, raising her head. Chad saw that her eyes were gleaming strangely. “Oh Jesus god. It’s true. I-Oh Christ. Chad. Christ. Move over.” She was tugging at him, urging him out from behind the steering wheel. He slid over on the seat, and as he did so Jenna reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties, hastily working them off over her feet. Then she pulled her skirt up to her waist, and he was able to get a quick glimpse of dark pubic hair before she was on top of him, straddling him, her hand grasping his white penis and guiding it into her Asian beaver, which was damp and ready. He gasped loudly as she slid down over him, taking him in until he was buried inside her and she was sitting on his thighs. Immediately she began to move, hunching herself up and down, her ragged breathing loud in his ear.

“Oh god,” she moaned. “Oh god…oh yes…oh do it…oh god…they did that to her…they beat her…they made her suck their cocks…oh Christ…her white step father…. Jesus… Ohhh…unnnhhhh….aahhh….”

Chad, totally unprepared for this passionate onslaught, had a struggle to keep from coming almost immediately. Though he succeeded, he knew he couldn’t last long with this moaning, writhing, twisting girl humping away so abandonedly on top of him. When the first paralyzing shock of her attack had passed, he reached for her blouse and pulled it open, careless of the popping buttons. Her brassiere hooked in front, and he managed to get it open in spite of the eager clumsiness of his hands and the bouncing and twisting of her body. Her full round breasts filled his hands, and when he pulled her to him and sucked one of them into his mouth, Jenna screamed and climaxed. Her wildly spasming vagina took him over the edge as well, and he shot his seed up into her twisting body. They rested for a moment, panting hard. Neither of them said anything. Then Jenna slowly and carefully pulled herself off him and settled herself back on the seat, reaching down to find her panties and slip them back into place. Chad stuffed his sticky cock into his pants and zipped his fly, looking around apprehensively to make sure they were still unobserved.

“Okay, Chad,” Jenna said. “You can take me home now.”


# # # # # # # # # # # #


Raymond Cohn, Cindy’s stepbrother, had just come out of the boys’ room during the lunch hour when Jenna stopped him.

“Hi, Ray,” she said.

Raymond scowled at her. “Who are you?” he asked.

“I’m Jenna. Jenna Wang. I’m a sophomore. I’m–I know your sister. I mean–sort of.”

“So what?” Raymond said.

“Well, I’d–I’d just like to talk to you for a minute. Okay?”

“I gotta go eat,” Raymond said.

“But you might find this interesting, Ray. It’s about Cindy, okay? Cindy and–and you.”

Raymond frowned darkly. “What about Cindy and me? What are you talking about?”

Jenna took a breath. “Listen, Ray. Just listen, okay? I’m not–I don’t want to make any trouble, all right? I mean it. That’s not what–”

“Hey!” Raymond said. “What the fuck are you getting at? You think you got something to say, fuckin’ say it, okay?”

“Okay. Okay. Just let me–it’s just that I–I’ve heard…things…that I’m–that I want–”

“Things?” Raymond looked around. There were only a few people in the hallway, most of the students being in the cafeteria or eating their lunch outside. He took Jenna’s arm and drew her to one side of the corridor. He opened a door and pulled her into an empty classroom, then shut the door behind them. “Things?” he repeated. “What kind of things? What the fuck you mean?”

“Well, things,” Jenna said, a little breathlessly. “I mean, interesting things. Stories. About–about you and Cindy…and…and your father…and what you…”

Raymond was staring at her, his eyes burning. Suddenly he grasped both her arms, clutching them tightly, and shook her slightly. “Bitch!” he exclaimed.

“You fucking gook bitch! Who–what are you–”

Jenna gave a low cry of pain, then began to breathe heavily. “You’re hurting me,” she gasped. But it wasn’t a complaint. “You’re hurting me.” It was a moan. Of pleasure.

Ray only dug his fingers harder into her arms. “Ohhh,” Jenna breathed.

Her eyes closed. “Ray,” she gasped. “Ray….” Her body arched toward him, only his grip on her arms keeping her from pressing herself against him. Raymond scowled at her. “What the hell’s the matter with you?” He flung her away from him, and she stumbled back against the wall. “Are you some kind of freak? You get off on being hurt, or what?”

Jenna Wang crossed her arms in front of her, her hands rubbing the places where Roy’s fingers had bruised her flesh, rubbing them hard. “That’s what I’m trying to tell you, Ray,” she said breathlessly. “If you’ll just listen. Those things you do to Cindy…hurting her…” Her voice got hoarser. “Whipping her…”

“Goddam it!” Raymond lunged toward her and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back brutally. Jenna cried out. “Who told you about that?” he shouted. “Who the fuck told you?”

“Ray…” Jenna’s voice was full of pain, and of passion, but Raymond did not notice.

“Tell me, goddam it! Was it that Chad Rosen asshole? I’ll kill him.”

He yanked harder on her hair. “Was it?”

“Aaahhh! Yes!” Jenna cried. “But I–I made him. It was my fault, Ray. Honest!”

“I’ll kill the fucking bastard,” Raymond repeated. He let go of her hair now and pushed her away. Jenna was panting hard, letting out little whimpers between breaths. Her hands reached for him now, scrabbling at his trousers. “Ray,” she moaned. “Ray, please. Let me–” Before he knew what was happening she had pulled down his zipper and released his cock.

“What the fuck–” Ray said, but her mouth was on him now, taking him in, devouring him, and her lips were sucking him up and down, her tongue stroking the hardening flesh, her throat producing a series of muffled moans, whimpers, gasps, and mewling noises as she took him deeper and deeper. Her hands clutched at his buttocks, trying to pull him still deeper into her frenziedly sucking mouth.

Raymond, in the midst of the incredible pleasure her mouth was giving him, came dimly to realize what was happening. This Asian cunt also got off on being hurt! To test this theory, he took her hair in his hand again and twisted sharply. Her mouth opened to let out a shriek of agony; but a moment later, although he did not lessen his grip on her hair, she was sucking him harder than ever, her moans louder, her movements more wild. Within a minute Raymond let out a roar and shot his cum uncontrollably into her throat, still not letting go of her hair. Jenna Wang swallowed it all down and sucked for more. Even after he had given her everything he had, she still kept sucking on his softened cock, moaning and gasping and clutching him to her. When at last he pulled away from her and stepped back, releasing her hair, she fell to the floor, taking in great rasping breaths, her body still trembling with passion. “Jesus H. Christ!” Raymond said. “Fuck, you give one hell of a blowjob, girl, but what the fuck is your problem?”

“Please–” Jenna gasped, almost sobbing now. “Please, Ray–oh god, please…”

“Please what?” Raymond demanded. “What is this all about anyway? What the hell do you want?”

Jenna lowered herself further against the floor, her body writhing, literally grovelling at his feet.

“I want to be your Asian slave, just like Cindy.” she said. “All gooks are meant to be enslaved by white gods.”




Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

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