Asian Real Estate Agent Stephanie Kwon Chapter 2

A successful Asian female real estate agent has deceived many people. She finally gets caught and then is turned into a sex slave. She gives up everything for a year to avoid being sent to prison and she is subjected to many humiliating training and painful torture.

Asian Female Enslaved

He pulled out of the driveway and headed west, towards the interstate. she sat with her hands clasped on her lap, looking straight ahead. The setting sun was bright, so she pulled on her sunglasses.

He looked over at her, knowing she was intentionally ignoring him. That wouldn’t do.


“How can I relax? In the last few hours you have taken over my life. Everything,” she turned to look at him.

“Nobody’s fault but your own. you should be thanking me for keeping you out of prison. In fact, you should be so grateful that you would happily do anything to show your appreciation. you are thankful, aren’t you?” He smiled, somewhat sarcastically.

She just ignored him. His smile vanished.

They had been driving on the interstate only a few minutes, when he pulled over to a rest area. A large truck was at the other end of the area, the driver undoubtedly sleeping. “Get out. Get out, now,” he ordered.

“Follow me,” as he headed in the direction of the picnic tables, in a wooded area.

Reluctantly, Stephanie followed him. They arrived at a table, concealed by woods and he ordered her onto the table. “Stand up straight slut so I can see you.” He said.

she got on the table and stood straight. she had a little grin on her face, thinking that if this is all he wants, no problem.

Then he said to her, “Ok, slut, let me see how well you can strip!”

“Butt, we are out in public, I can’t do that!”

“You either strip now, or you’ll strip in a wide open area!”

Stephanie thought about what he said and decided it wouldn’t be so bad to strip here where she was at least hidden from view. She took her time, putting on a good show for him. She figured that if she did good, they would leave and then the worst that would happen is that he would fuck her.

Ron stood back and watched as she removed her blouse, showing her tiny Asian tits. Then she unzipped the side of her shorts, putting on quite a show. Then she went to the other zipper and pulled it down. she let her shorts fall on the table with her blouse. She stood naked before Ron, but didn’t expect anyone else to see her.

Just as she dropped her shorts, she heard, “Alright, I like that!”

Stephanie tried to cover herself with her hands, but Ron said, “Put your hands at your side slut and let’s see all of you!”

“NO,” she yelled and tried to grab for her clothes.

The truck driver had woke up and was watching the show. He was walking to the public toilets when he heard the conversation. He had never been so lucky! Waking up and finding a hot Asian chick stripping before his eyes.

Ron took her clothes and said, “Are you telling me ‘No’, slut?”

“Yes, i am. I don’t want everyone to see me. You have seen me, but not him.”

“Well, maybe he would like a closer look at your hot little gook body. How about it guy, want to get closer?”

“Sure,” said the trucker as he came up along side Ron. “Looks good to me. Does she fuck?”

“No, not right now. But maybe she’ll suck you off!” Said Ron with a big grin.

Stephanie couldn’t believe what she had just heard. He was telling someone they didn’t even know she would suck him. She glanced down at the huge bulge in the man’s pants. He was unzipping and pulling out his cock. To her, it looked huge and nasty.

Ron snapped her out of her thoughts. “Get down there, slut, and suck this nice white man off. He looks like he needs some relief.”

“I won’t do it!” she yelled.

Ron grabbed her by the arm and pulled her off the table and with one swift movement, she was bent over and he slapped her hard across her naked ass. She tried to put her hands behind her to stop the sting, but Ron held her tight and administered several more stinging swats to her upturned ass.

Stephanie was crying and blurted out, “Ooookkkkk, I’ll do it!”

“That’s better, now get on your knees and make the white man feel better. I think you hurt his feelings by telling him no. Go ahead, you nasty chink slut, suck him!”

She opened her mouth and surrounded his cock. She moved her lips slightly and tried to keep her tongue in the side of her mouth.

“Not very good, if you ask me,” complained the trucker.

“Hm,” said Ron, and he leveled another powerful swat on stephanie’s upturned ass. She opened her mouth to yelp and began to rise. “If you can’t please this guy in the next two minutes, I am leaving you here naked and driving straight to the D.A.’s office.”

Stephanie had lost control of the situation and there was no choice. She diligently and energetically sucked the trucker and caressed his cock with her tongue. When he came, she swallowed it all and dutifully licked his cock clean.

“Oh, that was good. Should be able to drive another 600 miles on the memory alone,” he laughed, as he pulled on his pants. “Thanks a bunch, guy, and you too, little China doll,” and he ambled away back to the truck.

Stephanie looked at Ron for some words of praise or encouragement. He just tossed her her clothes and headed back for the car. She quickly dressed and returned to the car. her ass was sore from the spankings, but she didn’t want to let on, so she sat down in the front seat quickly, without a word or grimace.

He was about to start the car when he stopped, removed his hand from the key, and turned to look at her. “You have a sassy mouth, and it ends now. you now live to please me, not yourself. Every time you talk back, every time you fail to answer one of my questions, every time your answer is sarcastic or displeasing, you will be punished. I don’t care if we are in the middle of a crowded mall, or walking down the street, or in a restaurant. Is that clear, gook?”

With only a slight hesitation, “Yes, Sir.” There was no point in arguing now. Her red ass was painful enough, and maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, after all. He could have allowed her to be raped by the trucker, but he didn’t. And he could have raped her, and he hadn’t. Maybe he was unable to hold an erection, she thought with a smile. If all she had to do was swallow some cum here and there, it wouldn’t be so bad.

“Hmmm. We’ll see if you understand, cunt,” and they headed back onto the interstate.

They drove for another 45 minutes. “We’re almost here. I want you to play with yourself. Tease your nipples with one hand and your cunt with the other.”

Stephanie just stared for a moment, but a mean look sent her into action. She reached under her top and into her tight shorts, and began to lightly brush her nipples and pussy lips. Ron saw that she was making a weak effort. “If that is the best you can do, we can look for another trucker.”

She immediately picked up the pace, and within moments was breathing more deeply and was lost in her private world. She often played with herself at home, and knew she could bring herself off if she wanted to.

“Stop, we’re here.”

Startled, by his words, Stephanie looked up. They were at the bank she had just put the extra money in. Her heart raced, but her hands stayed on her nipple and wet pussy.

“Ok slut, we need to take care of some business. Follow me!”

They got out of the car and she followed Ron into the bank. They were greeted at the door by the man she had done business with earlier, trying to make sure she had some funds left when her year was up.

“Oh, back so soon. How you doing, Ron?”

Stephanie was scared now. They knew each other, but she didn’t say anything. Maybe Ron had an account here too. she couldn’t let on that she had hid the money here.

“We have a little business to take care of John. Can we go to your office?”

Ron and stephanie followed the other man into his office. Ron shut the door behind them and sat down. Stephanie started to sit also, but was stopped.

“Gooks don’t sit! They kneel! Now, get down where you belong!”

Stephanie, afraid of getting her ass spanked again, followed his instructions. Kneeling before Ron she held her head down in shame. She had just done some business with John and now she was kneeling in the very office she had been in earlier.

“John, I need to withdraw some money, say about $25,000.”

“Ok, Which account would you like to take it from Ron?”

“The one she just set up, of course!”

“NO, you can’t do that! I won’t sign the withdrawal slip. That’s my money!” Stephanie was in tears, knowing that somehow he had found out about that money.

“There you go again gook, telling me no. Stand up and take your shorts off. You have to learn! And besides, half of what you have is mine, remember.”

“Pppplease Sir, not here.” Stephanie was trying to avoid more humiliation, but as she begged him not to make her do it, she was sliding her shorts down. What had made her do that, she wondered.

“That’s a good gook!” said Ron, as she pulled them down her legs and off her feet. Ron chuckled at her, knowing she was doing the opposite of what she didn’t want to do.

“Now, bend over and grab your ankles, slut!”

“Ssssiiiir, i i i ‘ll sign it, please don’t spank me!”

“Ok, that’s better. Now, I’m going to give you a choice. you either get spanked again, suck off John, or go to jail!”

“Uuuuuhhhhhh, i i i i will suck, sir!” cried the little Asian girl, but not really wanting to do any of it.

“Good choice, slut, get over beside his desk and get his cock out!”

Stephanie started to stand up to walk over to John the banker, but was immediately stopped.

“Gooks crawl! They don’t walk! On your hands and knees slut and shake that cute little Asian ass for us!”

She cried as she crawled like a dog to the side of the desk. She knew she had to do this, but hated it. she just stayed there on her hands and knees, until …

“SMACK, SMACK, SMACK” three sharp slaps to her naked ass. She jumped and started to turn toward Ron.

“I told you no hesitation, slut, get his cock out and suck it. NOW!”

Shaking, she reached up to John’s zipper and pulled it down. Then she pulled his hardening cock out of his pants. Before she put it in her mouth she saw the size of it. His cock was at least 10″ long and almost as thick as her wrist. How could she suck that? Stephanie Kwon had been used to small asian dicks and was not used to the regular size of a white cock.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Ron’s hand rise again. She immediately took the huge cock into her mouth and began sucking it.

“Take it all slut! I want to see your throat expand and your nose in his crotch hair.”

Stephanie tried to do as she was told, but was starting to gag from the huge cock sliding down her throat. Ron pushed her head down onto it and it went deeper into her throat. She was gagging and thought she would vomit. But Ron kept pushing her head as John pushed his dick into her mouth and down her throat.

She was sucking for all she was worth. She figured if she could get him off, the torture on her throat would quit.

John took her by the ears and started to face fuck her. she felt his hair tickling her nose and could feel him so deep into her throat it felt like it was into her belly. He sawed back and forth into her mouth, driving in deep and hard. She was doing all she could to get him to stop, but the assault continued.

Then suddenly, she felt his cock get bigger and he pulled almost all of the way out. He started shooting his cum into her mouth before he slammed into her throat one last time. He kept cumming and cumming. She choked on the massive amount of cum he was giving her and some dribbled down her chin and onto her blouse.

Finally he pulled out and she just sat kneeling there out of breath and full of cum. She started to wipe the rest from the corners of her mouth but was stopped.

“No, just leave it there. Gooks have to learn that they must always swallow every drop and since you didn’t, you will keep it on your face as a reminder.

“Now, let’s finish up with the business so we can continue our journey for today. Sign the withdrawal slip, slut, and then sign this sheet saying that this account is in my name, too.”

Not wanting anything else to happen to her, she quickly signed the papers. John went to get the money for them. Ron told her to get dressed and get ready to go shopping for some new outfits.

Stephanie was taken back to the car, the transactions made and Ron had $25,000 in his pocket.

Ron started the car and looked at the little asian slut beside him.

“OK, gook, once again, play with the cunt and tits while we drive. DO NOT CUM!”

Stephanie put her hands into her pants and blouse and started stroking. She was afraid to do anything else. After all she had been through today, she wasn’t sure just how far this guy would go with her.

They drove in silence for awhile and then Ron pulled into a small strip mall. “Ok, slut, we are here. Get out!”

Stephanie looked up from her playing and noticed they had parked in front of a pet store. She wondered what would happen here and why a pet store. But she got out of the car and walked behind Ron into the store.

Ron went straight to the collars and said, “Ok, now we are going to get you a collar, a leash and a few other items. You had better be on your best behavior or else!”

Sterphanie just stood with a puzzled look on her face. The thoughts that ran through her mind were not pleasant, but she was afraid to say anything. The “OR ELSE” bothered her as she thought back to the spanking she received earlier and the warning Ron had given her about being spanked no matter where they were.

Ron picked out a few collars and told stephanie to try them on.

“I will not!” She stated and felt she was going to stand her ground this time. It was humiliating enough with the trucker and the banker, but this was going too far.

Ron’s reaction was so swift, she had no time to react. He grabbed her long black hair and pulled her down at the waist. He administered three swift swats to her ass. While the pants cushioned some of the blow, she nearly cried out.

He jerked up straight up by the hair. “Did you tell me NO again, gook?”

She gasped in pain and humiliation. No one was in the aisle that she could see, but she was sure Ron would have spanked her no matter who was looking. “No, Sir,” she begged. “I will try them on!”

Ron released her hair. “On second thought, you don’t deserve such a nice collar. Follow me,” he ordered, and walked towards the front of the store. He turned right once he reached the sidewalk, with stephanie following close behind.

They entered a hardware store and Ron walked up to the front counter, finding the directions for the rope. stephanie followed him down the aisles, eventually stopping in front of several spools of various ropes. Ron used the sharp edge of the spool to cut off a section of about 8 feet of thick hemp rope.

“Stand up straight, gook, and pull back your hair.” She obeyed him immediately, and before she knew it, he was knotting the quarter-inch thick rope around her neck. She felt the lose strands tickle and pierce her skin, as he tied a knot giving her only a small amount of slack around her throat. He never said a word, and she looked downward, afraid he would see the fear and humiliation in her eyes.

“One day you will beg me for a nice collar like I tried to get you next door. Let’s go,” he ordered, pulling her towards the front of the store.

Author: jennifer suzuki

I have been a very confused—some might say very conflicted—girl ever since I can remember and I have always lived in a fantasy world of my own making.

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